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The Arizona People United


1. Arizonans need “the will of the people” voiced on Capitol Hill, not the cheap talk of some of the officials who have been residing in D.C. for decades, and who have lost all connection to their constituency, the real people, and now vote their own desires, needs, and whims. We want the real needs of our complicated geopolitical situation (border state) discussed in a meaningful way on both sides of the aisle and both sides of each border. The “immigration and diversity” conversation is a many-layered one that we are going to have to have if we are going to be able to move forward peacefully, respectfully and productively.


2. The sinister, unelected “deep state” arm of this federal government is destructive and unrelenting, percolating in various agencies, tenacious in its determination to seize and control our country. The bipartisan “dueling” is a fascinating spectacle for the politically naïve, but it distracts from any kind of serious work. Unraveling scandals from the former administration, spurious investigations of the current one, unsettling and distracting, meanwhile no one is being arrested and congressional bills are piling up in the senate. Some have an urge to blame Russia, but I don’t see a connection.


What were once considered artful political strategies have degenerated into ruses to maintain the financial status quo of the “big money.” They are very cautious not to allow “outsiders” into the secret “clubhouse” in the rotunda, intended not for the middle-class workers creating all the wealth, but only for the “elite” elected who “appropriate” and “mis appropriate,” and in some cases, “abscond with” taxpayers’ money with sheer impunity


3. The current method of managing Immigration requires an overhaul based on the best interest of the American people, the safety of our citizens and the protection of our property and rights. Acquiescing to the frivolous demands of special interests and the misdirection of citizens’ rights to lawbreakers is not acceptable. American citizens harmed by aliens unlawfully crossing our borders cannot be tolerated.


4. Education is about to be redefined in Arizona. Families are going to be more involved with their children’s education moving forward in order to assess students’ needs and identify suitable learning environments. There are more choices than ever to learn and prepare for a fruitful life. Arizona charter schools, trade schools, community colleges and universities provide new dimensions in education bringing knowledge and opportunities back to the community quickly and cost effectively. Along with this we must address the issue of crushing student debt facing our young people as they graduate.


5. The Government's expansion into state and local business violates the 4th Amendment. A government that knowingly and willfully violates its citizens’ privacy is no longer a free Republic.


6. I stand in support of our Veterans past and present.


7. I support the Second Amendment, the “right to bear arms shall not be infringed” amendment.


8. Healthcare – a prologue

In addition to Illness-Care, I need to address Wellness-Care.

In all of my years as a pharmacist, seeing all kinds of pills, drops, tablets, capsules, you name it. Drugs come and go, ports of entry change and advance, as do FDA rulings; drugs are pulled, some cause birth defects, some actually kill you, and some confound unceremoniously with other chemicals. New drugs come to market promising to be it, the cure, and the warnings (symptoms) are more dangerous than the conditions they are supposed to be treating. Vectors change, single-cell microbes, bacteria and viruses morph and adapt, requiring new drugs, vaccines, improved drugs.


These are just the medically prescribed drugs. There is much to say about street dealings, recreational drugs, and much more to say about treatment modalities, recidivism, and prevention.


Chemistry labs are the pharmacist’s paint box as we mix and adjust formulas that we hope will help, and we catch a particular glimpse of humanity, usually in pain on some level, and after a while we know the condition so intimately, we feel it. And only then are we able to create effective, evidence-based treatment plans, blending in preventive measures and programs that make sense, mitigate pain and contain severity.


The most effective treatment I have found is prevention. Yet, I can’t recall seeing a preventive program in a very long time—the one that asks you to embrace your life and choose positive and productive behaviors. 


I hope that we are aware of pesticides and organic foods, of allergies and diseases exacerbated by fake foods, additives and toxins. I support clean water and clean food, with healthy lifestyles, hygiene, and disease prevention overall, and I will vote accordingly.


Please continue to the section labeled “Healthcare: Medical Care for the Uninsured.”


Nicholas Tutora

The voice of Arizonans in the United States Senate



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