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The geniuses that crafted Obama care thoroughly dismantled the greatest medical community in the world. Was it perfect? Compared to what? Anything right now is unworkable, and I believe it was designed that way. The main issue is that there are 30 million people who are not currently covered. There are more people uncovered now than before Obama care came along and now has crashed and burned.

            At this time, only dependents related by marriage or children can be covered by a member of a group health plan at work. We can change the dependent laws to voluntarily allow individuals and institutions to provide healthcare for uncovered Americans, as an Add-a-Dependent option. Employees can add others as dependents, whether a family member or not. It wasn’t that long ago that same sex couples couldn’t be dependent on one or the other‘s policy, but social policy became public policy, and now the Dependent structure allows everybody to get covered

            You change the dependent structure, when you become and behave more like a community, a neighborhood, or a clan.

            60 million people voted for Hillary Clinton and there are as many as 30 million people without healthcare coverage. The very rich in this country can easily pay for this, with a tax credit as an incentive. It's still less costly than setting up and managing a whole government department. What if the NFL, instead of taking a knee, donated one Sunday’s receipts to covering uninsured people? All of the processing would be done and the government would actually shrink and help the whole country. How about taking a knee and a pledge to help those less fortunate with a tangible solution?

            While we work on healthcare provision, costs, and other provider issues, the most pressing issue, which is getting everyone medical attention when needed quickly and with zero government money, your money.

            Yes, it’s possible.

            It’s possible through the free market.


I appreciate your support and I look forward to serving you on Capitol Hill.

Let’s Make America Great Again. Let’s Do It Together. I believe Partnerships Matter. Get out the Vote. Thank you.


Committee to Elect Nicholas Tutora
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